Do you want to start staking cryptocurrencies to earn passive income on your crypto portfolio? Start Cryptocurrency Staking with the help of Stakerzone today. Track the best staking coins, learn about Staking crypto currency, and explore the best Staking Platforms. 100 Coins tracked. 2 Ultimate Staking Guides for ETH and ATOM. Let’s go.

AssetStaking MarketCap7d Staked ChangeRewardHow to stake
Fetch.ai6How to get started
Dentacoin120How to get started
Pembrock FinanceHow to get started
TrisolarisHow to get started
BurrowHow to get started
Bastion ProtocolHow to get started
Stader NearxHow to get started
LiNEARHow to get started
AptosHow to get started
MoonbeamHow to get started
AavegotchiHow to get started
SSV NetworkHow to get started
Stargate FinanceHow to get started
AcalaHow to get started
ApeCoinHow to get started
NearPadHow to get started
Octopus NetworkHow to get started
Meta PoolHow to get started
mStableHow to get started
Nexus MutualHow to get started
KeepHow to get started
MakerDAOHow to get started
NuCypherHow to get started
NeoHow to get started
StellarHow to get started
Aurora40How to get started
Ref Finance14.21How to get started
Ripple3.0333333333333How to get started
Litecoin4.04How to get started
Decentraland0.28894743973702How to get started
Bitcoin3.1893735532495How to get started
Basic Attention Token0.89990975351643How to get started
Theta1How to get started
NexoNexo4.8How to get started
ChainlinkChainlink2.2635808104867How to get started
OmiseGoOmiseGo1.15How to get started
KuCoin SharesKuCoin Shares3.5373277119012How to get started
VeChainVeChain0.90257417376544How to get started
cheqdcheqd30639054.08136413.550222456876How to get started
IlluviumIlluvium88719375.040722-181934.51783505How to get started
EverscaleEverscale26367432.8915798629.23367310.021789000627How to get started
Euro TetherEuro TetherHow to get started
TerraClassicUSD13163882.06132How to get started
Anchor ProtocolAnchor Protocol1193680.6355522How to get started
Beefy.FinanceBeefy.Finance53564.498542799-412.015424759554.24How to get started
Gemini DollarHow to get started
ThorchainThorchain173228545.09381030472.830040422.793241646119How to get started
Binance USD6872064.53264133.0403989079559How to get started
sUSD29242502.9301291.0110942116374How to get started
TrueUSD143712179.866084.5966447219552How to get started
AaveAave253953442.608673719659.75479096.2338769017312How to get started
Tether994077577.222886.1350204132022How to get started
USD CoinUSD Coin1529056286.37644.6048273398788How to get started
0x0x10805544.917724-36115.3768587How to get started
Ampleforth33570.930031499How to get started
COTI29053823.564982How to get started
Synthetix Network TokenSynthetix Network Token303059680.400750.22719894935871How to get started
Terra Classic85357.17937443437.798933456318How to get started
Dai939867228.435134.0278709176044How to get started
IoTeXIoTeX94496777.736418-3028234.549745.5562883088098How to get started
WanchainWanchain7448154.2361487.5555195577024How to get started
EosEos374985943.57473219995.943923433.106864519777How to get started
LiskLisk68839020.469387How to get started
PIVXPIVX9568629.39660948.8754003558072How to get started
NEMNEM69428757.0069889.733333333323How to get started
NXTNXT722200.4097951538.600630753713How to get started
GMXGMX691698659.43701-1147646.282100425.551892129039How to get started
Ankr3786014.9021106144697.112421948.8702548521298How to get started
Aleph ZeroAleph Zero331606392.11751-993376.3767703712.17700808172How to get started
Casper NetworkCasper Network326315275.33479672017.94230439.0455312108964How to get started
ChangeX968563.832597783073.079404394737.573602545906How to get started
USDD243687051.60847063122.1064.9932368748209How to get started
Canto82340216.3402536559062.901934713.466685362434How to get started
Audius88138810.964743220149.3001468722.124667511615How to get started
ShapeShift FOX Token2029295.21115081.5148292817616How to get started
Chain15809657.242718421604.2175107812.961910433326How to get started
Umee34763059.5857964228.249833574719.896166630888How to get started
Stargaze15456213.16924967033.70959819126.368282328281How to get started
Juno49590153.831188214388.976354833.204945294722How to get started
Desmos4626668.32100146290.365093829819.329271664213How to get started
Voltage Finance106335.143023542014.25060157674.6627254902742How to get started
AssetMantle3071077.266994812370.575677248105.31610690841How to get started
Spool DAO8259734.688695356162.4901841338.7279859223529How to get started
PackagePortal77496.850761815-696.002949095How to get started
DAO Maker105100123.32442-301936.980000017.7032421200187How to get started
Phala Network33206241.41016259925.88445674888.373614696509How to get started
Comdex8053203.345273212982.60755398335.499529484548How to get started
Radix143852951.29983692851.2823402How to get started
EvmosEvmos42041569.3151221028877.7635839115.19165282466How to get started
Harvest Finance3311220.671907-22297.5731461970.69104159527276How to get started
Decimal51185650.3347232607.801699192109.69266460064How to get started
Polkadex7108577.526750993169.33764772125.051519876569How to get started
LooksRare92335219.981225418155.0976091423.398674968678How to get started
Osmosis183074615.39602964250.6806039322.164482683025How to get started
Hive70182790.312423-15681.575332552.8375544214819How to get started
Sifchain418098.9241501417370.59141143485.231990109562How to get started
Olympus183185438.30439-1898694.92818277.097182680357How to get started
InsurAce1372355.468006914152.717124018How to get started
Api3119508557.6571-221587.3798725126.75How to get started
Akropolis1297133.6737836-1364.669172109818.965068955745How to get started
DODO23754193.925473-13928.35232027951.051664167078How to get started
Dock2657401.66820155457.64906416111.383587410661How to get started
Axie InfinityAxie Infinity377171670.475852403422.596471546.050544101742How to get started
dYdX14014557.670289-1813053.9225845How to get started
StacksStacks548350739.856697.6293759563942How to get started
Hydra28082660.193499-108657.3531933146.828371963025How to get started
MinaMina849837834.5646739655691.71585611.622005859606How to get started
Regen Network16761598.272919133658.0748523425.992790278353How to get started
SwissBorg39792378.514488156258.94556817.785471916428How to get started
Sentinel7343427.218770627065.64259166635.382813708273How to get started
Oasis Network308997607.36941-4138070.85291995.047957209802How to get started
Fuse7486828.8324794-91384.75155839513.433110503211How to get started
KardiaChain6689435.17717688.0723832835207How to get started
Injective148011491.70467392731.5706151115.944495377019How to get started
FlowFlow737335999.243371904755.96231729.0754482490638How to get started
BNB ChainBNB Chain8022280494.577862794535.3686662.6583337096624How to get started
PancakeSwapPancakeSwap1005167352.76136257012.205771637.460528456061How to get started
1inch6292167.9435135-997959.96981044How to get started
Cartesi44309510.98054-43335.75064763111.353626853349How to get started
Stake DAO1107782.7274332-5110.5509149371How to get started
Origin Protocol1342190.9173123-68860.63194808125How to get started
MANTRA257234.93661763-3392.18626277214.873632760589How to get started
Dusk Network5626939.501697512How to get started
Stafi Protocol18235418.9094558634.4690913316.922419396382How to get started
DeFiChain124328540.041257608.1623.12399853508How to get started
Akash50710897.008656531384.076620859.8257207985849How to get started
The GraphThe Graph440449657.41756618910.665619219.1144436915466How to get started
Persistence46946787.347348-1210289.508452824.891774898398How to get started
Curve DAO TokenCurve DAO Token644930583.79268-556024.460689370.8923823109396How to get started
yearn.finance5566926.4019301-151394.4359444.774982146583How to get started
e-Money1176952.3628814-11132.48296744830.109466923212How to get started
Band Protocol173236320.84393-2577592.874863811.03022311367How to get started
PolygonPolygon4241001135.5961-15577234.6477145.3089927481841How to get started
Kyber Network30382073.0968521.7529483845852How to get started
xDai75240.9762080191315.45683597137.9439492217531How to get started
Chromia17253566.73966219572.0548931525How to get started
Edgeware1411399.92964327874.360993155617.432372658444How to get started
Telos29964312.279879-6739.383474301111.764536248438How to get started
USDN17060.70383224208128.722858872.46931625How to get started
Kusama248523170.81905760491.9607281413.405193119636How to get started
MultiversX (Formerly Elrond)MultiversX (Formerly Elrond)659662292.057528152.649.0859089334488How to get started
FantomFantom683183441.90606-1729550.512824How to get started
Celo17140789.696481-1164074.53245454.2330915951138How to get started
AvalancheAvalanche3956449664.9749-25686188.2220679.1114246931986How to get started
SKALE117310561.3207210.315385579852How to get started
CronosCronos346622489.737714949563.871237811.093438674747How to get started
Kava112130570.17047346155.5616521719.725260697395How to get started
NEAR ProtocolNEAR Protocol1106852415.9135-1911360.05577158.9249245788594How to get started
SolanaSolana8342676750.95681426637.03165366.9195586379358How to get started
HarmonyHarmony131410014.78962-52047.87285836.5329408459313How to get started
TezosTezos835622835.27861-12084610.174035.2115230128754How to get started
Divi15044132.910941220028.8369221716.637258353549How to get started
V Systems4218144.5069739-3874.618806450.12146070010599How to get started
Orbs31728454.573805108448.445469426.6667How to get started
Secret Network105827660.62565-2736.491442373327.771877763475How to get started
Validity1199753.82-907556.1432.920917142344How to get started
Energi4504766.7656875.10415.229984163223How to get started
IRISnet32169791.2361425091.30334748256.623335052051How to get started
WAX113702052.16938-1029682.50008674.6399913442877How to get started
TomoChain12440478.511124-978990.4666436711.40666964056How to get started
Livepeer77365306.4820.690891057995How to get started
Gnosis14734910.78534549289.72544514112.381302907644How to get started
Phantasma11039877.6686215.0148309075803How to get started
PolkadotPolkadot4080129947.004-4966417.481098114.30174977452How to get started
AlgorandAlgorand831074833.95685-21473821.4073546.8128910332846How to get started
Internet ComputerInternet Computer1949668531.81753435677.87461567.4925947989659How to get started
Ontology55907050.510775197485.5902717.071979898238How to get started
Ethereum Staking RevampedEthereum33501979564.194234788687.1183.8575268504838How to get started
Cosmos HubCosmos Hub2536103135.801566035148.46988522.165193571255How to get started
IOST54535694.769542-116658.391107248.6536708845285How to get started
ZilliqaZilliqa160386083.52137-2653516.098550810.852434640862How to get started
TronTron2605887129.7275-8471487.3129533.9337108045077How to get started
PeerCoinPeerCoin6384661.0843512237544.401864343.25How to get started
Idex16595131.354129103069.1614182115.756381069252How to get started
Firo91865205014023.15477571535How to get started
ICONICON92567372.532805541627.3174891410.121920447486How to get started
WavesWaves60709981.8367322070135.927277812.158952508649How to get started
HorizenHorizen38579724.96-4053848.7733354698988How to get started
ArkArk12940774.664025-16548.50909793519.020878765549How to get started
DecredDecred200770313.55258-912517.979673477.6580468304545How to get started
StratisStratis34146495.403303330680.8839726221.777272255759How to get started
SysCoinSysCoin42310509.35.8280036868166How to get started
DashDash245883870-24101505.5997436358465How to get started
CardanoCardano8411394440.4203-39818904.4291613.2923664143749How to get started
QtumQtum17339901.481079326703.157125820.752538119224How to get started
ReddcoinReddcoin1693715.965919120499.2172545428.888679137841How to get started
ArdorArdor16748011.70170126844.0255650.0686028889109How to get started
Cosmos280676781412.43How to get started
Ethereum266524482556.54How to get started

Feel the great satisfaction when activating your tokens through staking and observing your rewards accumulate over time. You not only enhance your own investments but also contribute to the growth and strengthening of the blockchain ecosystem.

What is the concept of Crypto Staking?

Staking is like planting your crypto tokens in fertile soil. By doing so, you “put them into production” and expose them to a certain level of risk, but in return, you reap rewards for helping grow the garden.

Staking is the process that helps maintain the health and security of blockchain networks like Ethereum. It incentivizes users to provide the resources needed to validate transactions, which is crucial to the success of the network and the ecosystems built on top of it.

Think of staking as a way to be a guardian of the network. By participating in staking, you’re helping ensure the stability and security of the network, and in return, you’re earning rewards. It’s a win-win situation!

Why should you stake?

Think of staking like putting your money to work. When you own crypto, staking gives you the opportunity to earn passive income just for holding onto your tokens.

By participating in staking, you’re not only helping secure the network, but you’re also turning your idle assets into an earning machine.

If you’re not staking, it’s like leaving money on the table. You’re missing out on an opportunity to increase your crypto holdings and enjoy the benefits of being a network participant. So why not stake your crypto and start earning rewards today?

Can you stake Bitcoin?

Staking is not an option for Bitcoin as it operates on a Proof of Work consensus mechanism, not Proof of Stake. But don’t worry, you can still earn some passive income with your Bitcoin holdings. Instead of staking, you can lend your Bitcoin through lending platforms and earn interest on your investment. It’s not quite the same as staking, but it’s a way to make your Bitcoin work for you and earn some extra income. So, while you can’t stake Bitcoin, you have other options to make your BTC grow.

What is Liquid Staking?

Liquid Staking is a new and innovative way of staking cryptocurrencies. With liquid staking, you don’t need to hold a large number of tokens to start earning rewards. Instead, you simply deposit your tokens into a decentralized finance protocol, and the protocol operates validators on your behalf. In return for your deposited tokens, you receive a liquid staking token which represents your stake in the network and any rewards earned. This makes it easy to get started with staking, even if you don’t have a large number of tokens. By participating in liquid staking, you can earn rewards and grow your cryptocurrency holdings without the hassle of setting up and running your own validators.

What is Staking as a Service?

Staking as a Service Providers can be an excellent option for those who want to participate in staking and earn rewards, but lack the technical expertise or resources to run a validator node themselves. It offers a convenient way for users to delegate the staking of their crypto to a trusted third party, who will handle the operational aspects of running a node. By entrusting your staking rights to a service provider, you can earn rewards and support the security of the network, while maintaining full control over your crypto assets. Choosing a smaller service provider can help to minimize the trade-off in decentralization and provide a more secure staking experience.

What are the rewards, risks, and requirements of Crypto Staking?

Crypto Staking can be a profitable venture, with attractive rewards for relatively low risk. To get started, you need to run a node yourself or simply choose a trusted Staking Service Provider and understand the staking economics of the token you would like to stake. The requirements vary from network to network, so it’s important to do your research and understand the specifics of the network you’re staking in. While the rewards can be substantial, it’s important to keep in mind that there is always risk involved in any investment. Make sure to thoroughly research the network and its staking requirements before making any decisions to ensure the best outcome for your investment.

3 Key Reasons Why Proof of Stake (PoS) is a Superior Blockchain Security Mechanism Compared to Proof of Work

  1. PoS offers more security for the same cost
  2. Attacks are much easier to recover from in proof of stake
  3. Proof of stake is more decentralized than ASICs

2 Primary Factors that Possibly Give Proof of Work an Advantage over Proof of Stake

  1. Proof of stake is more like a “closed system”, leading to higher wealth concentration over the long term
  2. Proof of stake requires “weak subjectivity”, proof of work does not

Why can you trust Stakerzone on your journey to stake crypto safely and at ease?

At Stakerzone, we are dedicated to promoting the growth and success of the Crypto Space through safe and easy staking. We believe in preserving blockchain decentralization and security, which are key principles in driving Crypto’s adoption. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions when staking your crypto. Join us on our mission to support the future of finance through staking.

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